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Ringback Tones, the newest accessory for the multi-billion dollar business of mobile phone personalization continues to be not well-liked by all countries and operators. Ringbacks are usually mistaken with Ringtones - since they are much the same but operate in different ways. Below are some facts that are delivered to shed some light around the Ringback Tones market.

1- Ringbacks can be any kind of musical media files which allows the shoppers to personalize their handsets in many ways. This is also a big chance of operators to operate advertisement campaigns, adding another revenue channel.

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2- Ringbacks are also called Caller Tones, Welcome Tones, and Ring Rings. Different mobile phone providers market their service using different names, hence the confusion between many purchasers on getting instructions for setting a Ringback for their cell phone.

3- Ringbacks are not only about music. They can be anything including different genres of music, lines from movies or tv shows, custom music or messages, or even World Cup anthems.

4- Operators are the only place to get Ringbacks from since the switching devices owned by options are in which the Ringbacks reside. So, it's a huge chance of them to create new revenue rich sources.

5- Ringbacks are device independent, which means, they can be provided for the entire subscriber base from the mobile phone provider. Unlike Ringtones, they do not reside on the individual's personal handset.

6- Ringback Tones are usually purchasable through many different ways, for instance, one can acquire a Ringback Tone for his mobile phone by calling a unique number set by his provider for that service, by selecting his favorite ringbacks from his provider's website, or by texting the company. This ensures that every subscriber can access them.

7- Ringbacks are hugely popular in Parts of asia, with 55% of subscribers using them in North Korea, 50% in China, and 25% in India. They are not extremely popular in Europe, due to the lack of proper marketing by the majority of the carriers.