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HD ready is really a label you have probably seen in various pieces of video equipment, for instance tv sets or DVD players. If you're planning to purchase video equipment of any kind, you must be acquainted with HD and HD ready, so that you can make educated choices like a consumer.

The label 'HD ready' refers to the ability of the product to handle hd (HD) video. HD video is a video standard better resolutions compared to those supported by older standards. A presentation system must support video resolutions of 720 to 1080 vertical lines so that it is considered HD ready.

In order to view high definition video content, you have to have a screen that can handle high definition video. These include most computer screens, modern tv sets and lots of movie projectors. When purchasing a display unit, mainly in the case of the television set, one must be careful to make a choice that supports HD video.

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There are different labels utilized in high definition compatible video equipment, depending on the modes the product supports. Simply 'HD ready' implies that a minimum of the minimum resolution of 720 vertical lines is supported, while Full HD and HD 1080 both refer to the resolution of 1080 vertical lines, the maximum supported in the standard. High definition video normally has an aspect ratio of 16:9, although 4:3 is also sometimes used.

Sometimes additional information is included. The letters 'p' or 'i' make reference to progressive or non-progressive modes, respectively. A slash accompanied by several tells the update frequency. Therefore, 720p/60 implies that a piece of equipment supports resolution of 720 vertical lines of progressive video having a frequency of 60 fps. This can be a common video mode in LCD displays.

In addition to the display unit, the origin should also be high definition compatible. Which means that to watch HD movies, the DVD player must also be HD ready. Similarly, to savor the entire advantages of an HD television set, the tv broadcast should be in hd format (HDTV).

For a good video system, all of the parts must be able to handle hd video. Including not just the above mentioned disc player and display unit, but also all the connections used together. The source media must naturally also be inside a format of HD resolution. Also the mode matters, so for best possible effect all of the parts of the machine should support full HD.